Vision and Values


We envision rural Moroccans, with healthy and economically self-sustaining lifestyles, using their combined God-given talents and resources to reach out and bring about enduring transformation in their communities and country.

In order to make this vision a reality, we work alongside of rural Moroccans to raise up people and produce through employment in a community-based, sustainable agricultural business in which skills and character can grow.



We value people and proactively seek the personal growth and holistic well-being of those involved within the farm project, their families, and others in neighboring villages

We value the various God-given abilities, knowledge, resources, and skills inherent within Moroccans. We encourage individuals and whole communities to plan, supply for, and work together on community transformation initiatives. The directing of initiatives towards improving the well-being and quality of life of individuals or communities as well as problem-solving and solution-finding will always remain in Moroccan management with Panhurst Farms international staff available in an advisory-consultative capacity, thus assuring ownership of initiatives remains community based.

We value respect, dignity, compassion, grace, integrity, honesty, and human rights. Interpersonal and business dealings and relationships, both within and outside the farm’s sphere of involvement, are governed by these qualities in order to reproduce the same values within our Moroccan relationships.

We value quality and excellence. Panhurst Farms promotes a safe environment of mutual respect and honor in order to encourage constructive self-evaluation, ongoing self-improvement, and product improvement. Quality regarding personal development and productivity results in profitability and future success for individuals in the community as well as the company.

We value innovation and experimentation. We involve Moroccans in thinking about and discovering new ideas, methods, and techniques while advocating a failure-is-ok policy. Failure is recognized as a stepping stone to greater experience as well as a discovery of what does not succeed. We are committed to sharing information, discoveries, research data, and ideas regarding our successes and our failures that others may benefit and put innovation into practice without fear.

We value teamwork within our organization and celebrate our employees’ cultural, economic, religious, gender, racial, age, and social differences. Being a Moroccan team with various backgrounds will equip us to better learn how to be effective in the various aspects of the community.

We value the environment. All practices on and off the farm will promote environmental protection and improvement with the purpose of preserving natural resources, employing sustainable energy systems, and promoting these by modeling on-farm methods for public assessment.

We value the future. All decisions are made in terms of how they affect the future of individuals and the whole community. Decisions are evaluated based on how they provide the best enduring result, how many individuals are influenced or served, and how all of these will positively transform individuals, communities, and society long-term.