Raising Up People and Produce

Poverty is a worldwide problem. Illiteracy, limited education opportunities, human trafficking, and poor health are only some of the results of subsistence living conditions. Panhurst Farms sees poverty also as a responsibility, an opportunity, and a privilege for involvement.

Participation among the rural poor through an agricultural project is one way Panhurst Farms is immersed in solving the issue of poverty. Enduring personal, social, economic, and environmental change among the poor arises best through the poor. Yet, without sufficient resources, the endless cycle of poverty continues. Panhurst Farms is involved in breaking that cycle and is establishing a farm in a region which is home to approximately thirty villages. Why? To create an environment of transformational employment wherein employees receive income, mentoring, and leadership responsibilities. This way of wealth sharing through job creation minimizes dependency, preserves each person’s dignity, and empowers people to become mediators of enduring change in their communities and society – one family at a time.

Get Involved!

We are excited about giving our time, sweat, and devotion for this work. Yet, we cannot continue to cultivate the seeds of enduring change among the rural poor without your partnership. Your involvement is essential and will provide for more life-on-life opportunities in this thirsty land by maintaining a presence among the villages and local employment opportunities on the farm.

We invite you to experience an adventure of a lifetime hand-in-hand with rural Moroccans. Let us together, with them, make this vision a reality for them. Below are some of the ways you can get involved by donating to specific projects. These projects help to maintain this business presence among the rural poor. For other ways to get involved, please feel free to contact us - we would love to hear from you!

The farm is located in a rural village area approximately 45km outside Marrakech, Morocco.

Morocco is situated on the North-Western tip of Africa. The famous city of Marrakech has a rich cultural blend of Arab, African and European influences.

Latest News

Meet Abderizak and hear his vision for the farm and passion for transformation among the rural poor in Morocco. We are excited about walking together on this journey with this young man who wants to give his life and time to help Moroccans. Click “Read More” below to access the video link.

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