About Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco – a land rich in culture, history, and geographical wonders. Situated in northwestern Africa, it stands as a gateway between Europe and many African countries for tourists as well as investors seeking business opportunities. A predominately Muslim country slightly larger than the state of California, Morocco is home to more than 32,300,000 inhabitants. Morocco’s current ruler, King Mohammed VI, has initiated many positive programs and continues to build the country’s infrastructure paving the way for increased foreign investment and international trade.

In recent years, King Mohammed VI has worked hard to advance the country economically as well as positively improve its international reputation. However, left in the shadow of the many economic strides are the rural poor, often without a voice and with inadequate knowledge of available resources. Illiteracy rates, poverty, and child trafficking still remain high in Morocco – especially among Morocco’s rural population. Many are stuck in the cycle of subsistence living with a lack of quality education opportunities and unaware of basic health care principles . Local employment incorporating whole-person mentoring and advocacy is key to answering this great need among rural poor communities.